Connect sensors to the CPU

That's cool

Production materials often need to be stored under stable environmental conditions prior to further processing. Even minor fluctuations of temperature and air humidity can then have a decisive impact on the quality of the final product. Even in office buildings, precise control is often absolutely necessary in order to prevent damage to the substance of a building and to ensure a pleasant climate. With the PT100/climate module you can evaluate these critical values to two decimal places and counter them in a timely fashion before damage occurs. And the energy meter module helps you control the energy consumption of the climate control system.

The right mixture is key

Strict quantity limits often need to be absolutely observed in your dispensing and filling system. Just a little bit too much can make the finished product unusable for the consumer, and even dangerous in the worst case. The strain gauge module assists you in monitoring the defined filling quantities and in reliably observing the limit values. The module offers you the optimal solution for all applications in which strain gauge sensors are used, regardless of whether you want to measure weight, force, or torque.