Which modules must be selected on the PROFINET side, if in PROFIBUS 1. universal modules and / or 2. consistency are projected?

Answer 1:

When using universal modules, please note that they are only available on Profibus side. The picture of the DP / PN coupler web interface shows in red that in the 5 universal modules inthe first 3 slots no regular variables have been parameterized that are conform to the PN configuration. In this case, the SF LEDs on the DP/PNcoupler lights up and data transfer is not possible. The number of configured input or output bytes must match exactly with the other side.

Answer 2:

Depending on the application, consistent data transmission can also be selected for PROFIBUS. On the PROFINET side, all modules are always consistent, so that only the corresponding sequences and sizes (matching with the opposite side) must be observed.