Is the PROFINET switch "real time-compatible"?

The PROFINET switch is "real time-compatible" and supports the PROFINET real time class 2 for cyclical data exchange. PROFINET is generally differentiated into two main real time classes: RT and IRT.

The "real time capability" of an industrial bus system generally involves the chronological precision of the cyclical IO transmission. For complex and distributed automation tasks, especially in the drive control area, it is important that the cyclical data transmission always takes place consistently. Longer interruptions due to other Ethernet traffic, for example, video cameras or project transmissions, should not influence the PROFINET IO cycle where possible.

PROFINET RT (real time) uses the standard technologies of managed switches (e.g. QoS) to always prioritize important Ethernet frames of bus communication in relation to chronologically non-critical frames.

PROFINET IRT (isochronous real time) uses special PROFINET switches to keep the jitter and the rhythm of the IO cycle as exact as possible in the network and to ensure a synchronous rhythm and the best transmission possible.

The Helmholz PROFINET switch supports PROFINET RT, but not IRT.