1. MAX Benefizlauf in Großenseebach

Save the date! It isn't long until the 1. MAX Benefizlauf on Sunday, the 30. Juni 2019. This takes place in Großenseebach on Schuttberg and Helmholz is also represented as a sponsor.

1. MAX Benefizlauf 2019

The Orga-team Max-Benefizlauf needs your power - no matter if you are alone or in a group, there is a suitable run for everyone. The proceeds will be donated in favor of the ToyRun - Dreams for sick children Erlangen e.V. (Children and Youth Clinic Erlangen).

What do you have to do?
You have to register only very fast: http://max-benefizlauf.de/anmeldung/

Run for the patients of the children and youth clinic Erlangen and for your fitness!