Energy efficiency in the industry, Focus on Smart Factory and Industry 4.0

Czech Delegation of the export initiative energy visits Helmholz

During the fact-finding-trip of the export-initiative energy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy we recently have been visited by a delegation consisting of members of the Czech economy, politics and sciences. The participants want to find out more about the potential of German companies and the state of the art of Industry 4.0 and smart factories. The trip is organized by energiewaechter GmbH in cooperation with the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. It focusses on innovative technologies, that support the Increase of efficiency in the production and sales market that is very important to Germany while at the same time improving competitiveness of Czech companies. 

These innovative technologies make Helmholz known to manufacturers of control cabinets and automation specialists. Using our switches, gateways, routers and our firewall for industrial networks WALL IE they already implement essential parts of the smart factory.

Automation specialists and manufacturers of control cabinets can find in our switches, gateways, routers and our firewall for industrial networks WALL IE an essential part of these new technologies in our portfolio.

Using energy more efficient is the main concern of the delegation: With the Energy Meter for the Helmholz TB20 I/O system, the energy consumption of machines and facilities can be monitored and therefore it can play an important part in consuming energy more sustainable in the future. This way, the TB20 I/O system becomes part of a solution to radically lower the relatively high share of about 40 % of the overall energy consumption in the Czech Republic.

From the beginning on the Czech industry is very important to us and is today in the top 10 of our most successful sales areas. We are happy to supply the Czech industry for more than two decades now since 1996 and like to thank the participants and organizers for the opportunity to show our products for the Industry 4.0.

We’re happy to make use of our long years of experience to be a reliable partner on your way to smart factories.