A new addition to the family! Portfolio expansion: PN/CAN gateways

Easily connect CAN-based drives to PROFINET – now also with SAE J1939 protocol

High performance and flexibility

CAN applications with the Helmholz PN/CAN gateway

The Helmholz PN/CAN gateways enable the safe and flexible connection of any CAN devices to PROFINET. Product variants are now also available for CANopen, CAN Slave, CAN Layer2, and now brand new, also for the SAE J1939 CAN protocol.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of CAN applications in the most varied industries, Helmholz now provides safe and reliable CAN connections of all kinds with its PN/CAN gateways.

Helmholz has once again expanded the product portfolio of its PN/CAN gateways and, in addition to the CANopen Master, Slave, and the Layer2, now presents another gateway variant. The new family member of the Helmholz PN/CAN gateways with SAE J 1939 protocol support can be easily configured and used as a complete SAE J1939 device or for free diagnostics. Like all gateways of the Helmholz family, it also convinces with its easy-to-use approach.

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The I/O data of the CAN subscribers is transparently displayed and freely configurable in the PROFINET network and can thus be processed directly in the PLC.  The PN/CAN gateway is integrated with a GSDML file into the hardware configurator and fully configured there. No other software tools for configuration or handling blocks for programming are necessary, making gateway use especially straightforward.

In addition to the standard functions of the usual protocols, many special applications can also be solved with all PN/CAN gateways from Helmholz, for example:

  • Maximum configuration of a system through the dynamic use of the real device expansion.
  • Controlled follow-up configuration of CANopen participants from the application when starting up and in operation (hot plug/hot swap).
  • Quick data transmission mode with more than 100 ring buffers for highly parallel communication.
  • Changing the bit rate and node-ID of the CAN devices via LSS protocol.
  • Integration of non-compatible CANopen devices into a CANopen network.
  • Full SAE J1939 device functionality through flexible application programming.

The Helmholz Support Team offers personal and free consultation and provides unerring support in finding the appropriate CAN solution, also for specific applications.

Our experts are always there for you! You can reach us directly by phone at +49 9135 7380-0.
For those who prefer to write, simply send an e-mail to: vertrieb(at)helmholz(dot)de