Start the automation of the future with the Helmholz "REX" Industrial Ethernet routers

Your IoT partner for remote maintenance with added value

2021 – the year in which digital progress and transformation will be challenged and advanced like never before.

5G technology will in future provide a foundation for the automation of processes. The risk of a possible data loss or of sacrificing transmission speed is greatly reduced by shorter latency phases and a higher bandwidth. Production systems and infrastructure thus remain more flexible and efficient.

Helmholz also ensures for all REX LTE routers that critical applications like remote maintenance remain failure-resistant and fast. Regardless of the application case for which the REX models are used, all REX 100, 200, and 250 routers support the current LTE technology and are already 5G-compatible now.

For you, this means that the current REX industry routers (LTE) can already be operated in a 5G network now, with the maximum speed of a 4G network.

The two new product versions – REX 100 LTE+WAN and REX 100 WiFi+WAN – offer both additional flexibility in use and added failure safety. Thanks to the new fallback function and WAN interface, the expansion of the REX family of routers also contributes to ensuring maximum network availability and security in demanding industrial environments. This enables users to fall back on an additional communication path, making remote machine access even more secure.

With the routers, Ethernet participants, for example, PCP control systems, can be reached with the routers. Using the myREX24 VPN platform, all versions of the REX Ethernet router portfolio can be easily configured and managed. Users receive access to the myREX24 portal with a free account and can make use of all the innovative functions with an unlimited number of devices and users. Whether companies mainly carry out remote maintenance, receive alarms from machinery, or wish to visualize and log data from their machinery, the myREX24 portal is always at their disposal.

With the myREX24 V2 virtual server, you can bring the proven myREX24 technology, as well as data sovereignty to your own computer center.

The myREX24 V2 virtual server grows flexibly with your requirements and supports up to 20,000 devices and 250 active connections. The server can be installed and operated both at your own computer center and with a host of your choice, so that you have access to all your IoT data.

The myREX24 V2 virtual server offers you maximum performance for your remote maintenance and IoT applications, as well as permanent VPN access to all connected routers.

As a special feature in comparison with the Public Portal, you can configure and permanently operate Machine-to-Machine (M2M) networks with your routers using the myREX24 virtual server. The option of complete individualization of myREX24 V2 virtual server websites (with your own company logo, colors, etc.) allows you to offer the portal as a solution specific to your company.