Front connectors, EasyConnect®

Frontstecker, ohne Leitungen, EasyConnect®, 40-polig
Frontstecker, ohne Leitungen, EasyConnect®, 40-polig


The 40-pin front connector is manufactured with the patented EasyConnect® technology.

Fast wiring of the plug is ensured through opening and closing of the spring-loaded terminal by turning the screw (180° counterclockwise to open, clockwise to close), saving the user both money and installation time. Ferrules are not necessary.
Due to the lower design, the front cover of the module can be optimally closed even in the fully wired state.

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    General information
    Order number 700-392-1AM10
    Article name Front connector, EasyConnect®, 40-pin
    Scope of delivery Front connector
    Weight Approx. 70 g
    Connector type EasyConnect®
    Number 40
    Connectible cables Flexible cables, 0.34 – 1 mm²
    Stripping length 8 – 10 mm
    Voltage 230 V AC
    Current 3 A at 60 °C
    Ambient conditions
    Ambient temperature 0 °C ... +60 °C
    Transport and storage temperature -25 °C ... +80 °C
    Relative air humidity max. 75 % at +25 °C
    Pollution degree 2
    Protection rating IP20
    Certifications CE
    RoHS Yes
    REACH Yes

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