Memory Cards for 1200/1500 series

Memory Card, 4 MByteMemory Card Anwendungsbeispiel
Memory Card, 4 MByte
Memory Card Anwendungsbeispiel

4 MByte

The memory card with a capacity of 4 MByte is suitable for use in the S7-1200*/S7-1500* controllers of Siemens AG.

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    General information
    Order number 700-954-8LC03
    Article name Memory Card, 4 MByte, for 1200/1500 series
    Scope of delivery Memory Card, 4 MByte
    Storage volume 4 MByte
    Application Options CPU 1200
    CPU 1500


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    Helmholz - Memory Cards for the S7 series 09-2018 971 KB Helmholz - Memory Cards for the S7 series

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