Energy Meter
1 A

Energy Meter

The Energy Meter function module for the TB20 IO system records all essential measured values ​​from AC 230 V networks with regard to current and voltage measurement.

max. Secondary Current

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  • 600-255-7AA21
The Energy Meter function module for the TB20 IO system records all essential measured values... more
Energy Meter 1 A

Input voltages (3 phases + N) can be connected directly to the module.
In addition to general status information, the module's configuration can be used to show up to 7 readings in the input image table.
In the event of a system failure, the controllable meter's values will be stored in non-volatile memory.

Input currents are coupled through current transformers. The Energy Meter module is designed for a maximum secondary current of 1 A.
Other rated secondary currents, as well as the use of Rogowski coils, are available upon request.

Note: Individual modules cannot be combined with the IO systems of other manufacturers.

Parameters for the module
Overvoltage / undervoltage threshold
Overcurrent threshold
Zero transition timeout
Enable energy meter
50/60 Hz line frequency
3-wire or 4-wire voltage measurement
Process image table input values

Parameters for phases A, B, and C
Primary current
Secondary current
Phase angle error correction (for current transformer phase angle error)
Zero crossing, overvoltage / undervoltage , overcurrent diagnoses

Configurable process input image table
7 readings at the same time
RMS voltage A,B,C
RMS current A,B,C
A, B, C, and total real power/energy
A, B, C, and total apparent power/energy
A, B, C, and total reactive power/energy
A, B, C, and total power factor
Phase angle between the voltages or between the currents

Diagnostic messages
Phase shift
Overvoltage / undervoltage
No zero crossing (no phase)
Configuration errors

  • Measures current, voltage, power, and energy
  • 1 three-phase or 3 single-phase
  • 3-wire and 4-wire voltage measurements
  • Measures real, reactive, and apparent power and energy
  • Energy meter with gate function