PN/ModbusTCP Coupler

PN/ModbusTCP Coupler
PN/ModbusTCP Coupler
PN/ModbusTCP Coupler
PN/ModbusTCP Coupler

PN/ModbusTCP Coupler

Simple and uncomplicated connection of a PROFINET network with a ModbusTCP network is possible with the PN/ModbusTCP Coupler. The PN/ModbusTCP Coupler enables data transmission between a PROFINET controller and ModbusTCP participants. Received input data on one of the network sides is made available as output data to the other network side. The IO data transfer takes place live and as quickly as possible without additional handling blocks.

The maximum size of the transmitted data is 1024 bytes input/output data. Up to 300 slots for I/O modules are available via which the PROFINET data can be connected to the ModbusTCP coils, inputs and registers as required. The full ModbusTCP address space of 65536 coils, inputs and registers is supported.

The integration into the PLC engineering tool is made possible by a GSDML file; special configuration software isn’t necessary.

In addition to the PROFINET/ModbusTCP communication, the PN/ModbusTCP Coupler also makes an MQTT Publisher available on both network sides. In this way, the values exchanged via the gateway can also be distributed via MQTT to visualization or operating data recording systems.

  • Very compact design for top hat rail mounting
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Galvanic isolation of the networks
  • Up to 1024 Byte input/output data
  • 300 configurable slots for PROFINET IO data
  • Supports the full ModbusTCP address space with free assignment of IO data
  • Supports multiple simultaneous ModbusTCP clients
  • Configuration just with GSDML file, no additional software required
  • MQTT Publisher on both network sides (PROFINET & ModbusTCP)
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General information
Order number700-159-3MB01
Article namePN/ModbusTCP Coupler
Scope of deliveryPN/ModbusTCP Coupler incl. Quick Start Guide
Dimensions (DxWxH)32.5 x 58.5 x 76 mm
WeightApprox. 135 g
PROFINET interface
Number1 with 2 ports
ProtocolPROFINET IO as defined in IEC 61158-6-10
Transmission rate100 Mbps full duplex
I/O image sizemax. 1024 bytes of input and output data
Connection2 x RJ45
integrated switchYes
FeaturesMedia redundancy (MRP), automatic addressing, topology detection (LLDP, DCP), diagnosis alarms
ModbusTCP interface
Number1 with 2 ports
ProtocolModbusTCP server
Transmission rate10/100 Mbps full duplex
I/O image size65536 coil bits, 65536 discrete input bits, 65536 input register, 65536 holding register
Connection2x RJ45
integrated switchYes
Supports Modbus function codes1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 22, 23
Status indicator9 LEDs function status, 8 LEDs Ethernet status
Voltage supply
Voltage supply24 V DC (18 - 28 V DC)
Current drawmax. 210 mA
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Transport and storage temperature-20 °C to 80 °C
Protection ratingIP 20


PROFINET coupler - IIoT starts with the right connection

Technical Documentation

PN/ModbusTCP Coupler, Quick Start Guide 3 1 MBPN/ModbusTCP Coupler, Quick Start Guide
PN/ModbusTCP Coupler, PROFINET-Certificate 83 KBPN/ModbusTCP Coupler, PROFINET-Certificate
EU Declaration of Confirmity 04-2020 54 KBEU Declaration of Confirmity


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PN/ModbusTCP Coupler, GSDML file 20191004 9 KBPN/ModbusTCP Coupler, GSDML file
PN/ModbusTCP Coupler, Firmware V1.00.110 10 MB History PN/ModbusTCP Coupler, Firmware

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