Industrial Ethernet-Switch
unmanaged, 10/100 Mbit

Industrial Ethernet-Switch 5-port, unmanaged, 10/100 Mbps
Industrial Ethernet-Switch 5-port, unmanaged, 10/100 Mbps

5-port, unmanaged, 10/100 Mbit

With its very compact design the unmanaged Ethernet-Switch can be used for a wide range of industrial applications and convinces with its light but robust design.

The Helmholz unmanaged Ethernet switches are suitable for a variety of industrial applications because of their very compact design. The lightweight and tough industrial design is suitable for mounting on a DIN rail and can be easily integrated into your network. Once plugged in, it's ready for use thanks to the simple Plug & Play solution. The tool-free push-in connection for the power supply supports you.

With this variant of the unmanaged Ethernet-Switch, you can connect up to 5 Ethernet participants with 10 or 100 Mbps. If you would like to connect more participants, we recommend our 8-port unmanaged Ethernet Switch.