WiFi Antennas for REX 100/200/250

Omni antenna, 9 dBi (antenna cable required)



In order to optimize the reception performance of the WiFi devices, we offer a selection of different antennas. Matching connection cables can be obtained depending on the antenna design.

"When planning a radio link, for a mobile as well as a stationary installation, it should be noted that the range can be influenced to a greater or lesser extent by obstacles and the surrounding buildings. Due to the maximum transmission power of 100 mW in 2.4 GHz Wireless ranges of 10 to 30 meters can be implemented indoors, while 100 to 300 meters are realistic outdoors with a clear line of sight.
With a directional panel antenna, distances of more than 300 meters are also possible under optimal conditions.

This omni antenna, which is protected by the stable GRP tube, is supplied with a mounting bracket so that it can be mounted on masts or walls - preferably outdoors.
For the best omnidirectional properties, metallic surfaces and obstacles should be avoided in the immediate vicinity of the heater. A cable available as an accessory is required for the N-type connection."