myREX24 V2 Public Server

myREX24 V2 Public Server

The myREX24 V2 portal is an integrated system for accessing the components of your machine or system, for remote maintenance and remote diagnosis. Control the data of your system via web browser - directly with your smartphone or tablet. All data and states that are available to you as an external signal or as a value in a control system can be evaluated and monitored with the myREX24 V2 portal. Log operating data directly in the myREX24 V2 portal and create your own reports.

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The myREX24 V2 portal is an integrated system for accessing the components of your machine or... more
myREX24 V2 Public Server Free-Account

With the free account you get access to our myREX24 V2 portal and use the full innovative functionality with an unlimited number of devices and users.

Whether you primarily want to do remote maintenance, receive alarms from your machines or visualise and log data from your machine, the myREX24 V2 portal is always at your disposal. Don't worry about hosting and software maintenance, we take care of everything.
Expand your account with the options you need for your remote maintenance or IoT application.

If the free standard functions of the "Free Account" are not enough for you, you can flexibly book additional licences and options as required. If you would like to control the myREX24 V2 server yourself, we recommend the myREX24 V2 Virtual Server.

  • Set up an unlimited number of devices and users
  • Active VPN connection: 1
    (Floating license - Expandable up to 250 simultaneous active VPN connections)
  • Multiple simultaneous connections possible on a single REX router
    (Requires a minimum of 2 available active VPN connections)
  • Connection reports can be exported and annotated
  • Automatic tasks: 1
    (for example, automated sending of connection reports to an email)
  • Simultaneous WEB2GO connections: 5
    (Unlimited expandable)
  • 5 user groups and 1 tenant available
    (Expandable to up to 250 user groups and 250 tenants)
  • Dashboards: 10
    (Expandable up to 260 dashboards)
  • Alarm events: 10
  • Available free datasets: 50,000
    (Expandable | For example, REX200 and REX250 routers can store SPS variables in the myREX24 V2 portal)
  • Data tags per router: 250
    (Up to 250 different SPS variables can be read from an SPS by a REX router)
  • and many more features