SSW7-TS PRO mit Modem analog
SSW7-TS PRO mit Modem analog

MPI/PROFIBUS adapter with Modem analog

The SSW7-TS PRO enables remote maintenance of an S7 system over a modem connection and supports connecting to an MPI or PROFIBUS network with up to 12 Mbps on the system side.

An analog modem is integrated in the housing of the SSW7-TS PRO. The analog modem can be configured for use worldwide. In addition to use as a remote maintenance solution, the SSW7-TS PRO can also be used as a PC adapter on-site with its RS232 or USB interface. Due to the integrated repeater, the MPI/PROFIBUS connecting cable of the SSW7-TS PRO is not a stub. This means the adapter can be plugged at any point along the bus even at 12 Mbps.
Power is supplied to the SSW7-TS PRO through the MPI/PROFIBUS connecting cable or on demand via the external voltage connection. 
The SSW7-TS PRO allows any number of SMS text messages to be sent. Sending of the SMS is triggered by calling the function module SMS_SEND from the automation system.
Using the free software SHTools, firmware updates can be transmitted directly and via modem connection. 
The latest SHTools version are available for free download from our website

  • MPI/PROFIBUS up to 12 Mbps; Autobaud
  • Remote maintenance and on-site use
  • Password protection and callback function
  • RS232 and USB interface
  • Remote update capability
  • Any number of SMS text messages can be sent from the PLC
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General information
Order number 700-770-8MD41
Article name SSW7-TS PRO, MPI/PROFIBUS adapter with modem analog
Scope of delivery SSW7-TS PRO, DIN rail adapter, 2 x telephone cable RJ11 + TAE, 3 m each, 3 m programming cable, USB cable, manual, CD with software
Dimensions (DxWxH) 130 x 67 x 30 mm
Weight approx. 240 g
Supply voltage 24 V DC, 18...30 V
Current draw approx. 130 mA
MPI interface
Type RS485
Transmission rate 9,6 kbps...12 Mbps
Connection SUB-D, 9-pin
with PG interface and terminating resistor
Communication interface
Number 1
Type RS232; 2-wire dial-up line; USB
Transmission rate 9,6...115,2 kbps
Transmission type Asynchronous serial / USB
Protocol PC <-> S7
via Modem or local
Connection Connector, SUB-D, 9-pin;
Mini-USB connector
Protection rating IP 20

Technical Documentation

 Name Version Size Tags
SSW7-TS PRO analog, Manual 3 2 MB
Changelog: SSW7-TS PRO analog/ISDN/GSM, Firmware History 1 KB


 Name Version Size Tags
SHTools, für Windows 7/8/10 32/64 Bit 3.89 FW6 6 MB History SHTools, für Windows 7/8/10 32/64 Bit
SSW7-TS (PRO), USB Driver XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 + 64 Bit) 2.12.24 1,014 KB can300, sas341, can400, sas340, ssw-7, dp/dp-koppler, can-bridge

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