Success Story

Process Optimization Through Clean Machine Data Collection

Helmholz components offers solutions for "Predictive Maintenance" and thus supports worldwide MES system at thyssenkrupp, specialist for drive components.

Product Innovation

Helmholz Introduces Test Access Point for all Common Ethernet Networks

Helmholz introduces Test Access Point for all common Ethernet networks Reliable network analysis thanks to feedback-free recording of Ethernet communication with permanent system availability: the new "TAP IE 100".

Technology News

Wireless connectivity: What 5G, WIFI 6 and Bluetooth can do for you

In the web session, the speakers will address the questions of how reliable wireless systems are, whether wireless real-time applications are possible and how wireless solutions can be integrated.

Technology News

Helmholz is a Cooperation Partner for CERT@VDE

Security has always been a top priority at Helmholz. As part of the planned introduction of the security development process, Helmholz has entered into cooperation with the CERT@VDE.

Success Story

Convenient Machine Communication

Remote access to Ethernet systems via a secure VPN tunnel has become widespread. However, many details determine how good and how practicable a corresponding solution actually is.

Success Story

Focus on Secure Remote Maintenance and Network Integration

To implement the remote and integration capability, two components from Helmholz were chosen: the REX 100 industrial router and the WALL IE industrial NAT gateway.