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From PROFINET Directly to the Cloud!

With the new PN/MQTT Coupler, Helmholz is expanding its existing product portfolio of fieldbus gateways to include another type of communication.

The need to connect fieldbus networks to higher communication levels is increasing rapidly. Not only for the fieldbus couplers, but also across the entire product portfolio for "Industrial Communication", the Helmholz motto is quite clear: Usability first!  Helmholz ensures absolute user-friendliness with its technical implementation of the gateways, so that the method of configuration is intuitive for many customers. This familiarity gives many users an impetus to address the issue of modern connectivity and plant networking.

Here, users can connect directly from the field or PLC level to the cloud. Using SSL encryption and authentication, data is transferred securely. As with all fieldbus couplers from the manufacturer Helmholz, no additional external software is required for the new PROFINET/MQTT Coupler. The very compact design of the Helmholz bus couplers saves space and therefore also enables subsequent installation in existing systems.

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The PN/MQTT Coupler enables the direct transfer of data between a PROFINET machine (PLC) and an MQTT broker. Values can be sent from the PLC ("Publish") as well as values can be received from an MQTT broker via PROFINET ("Subscribe"). The PN/MQTT Coupler can connect brokers both locally in its own network ("On premise") and via the Internet in the cloud.

Direct integration into the PLC puts full control of the data exchange with the IoT world in the hands of the machine manufacturer.



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