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Helmholz Introduces Test Access Point for all Common Ethernet Networks

Helmholz introduces Test Access Point for all common Ethernet networks Reliable network analysis thanks to feedback-free recording of Ethernet communication with permanent system availability: the new "TAP IE 100".

The new Ethernet Test Access Point "TAP IE 100" captures data traffic to provide the visibility needed to continuously and efficiently secure, monitor and manage your company's network infrastructure.

The easy-to-install Ethernet Test Access Point from Helmholz is installed once and permanently between two network devices. The "TAP IE 100" is reliable, non-reactive and can therefore be installed and remain in systems as a permanent measuring point. It is characterised by the fact that it does not shut down the system in the event of a power failure. It ensures time-saving access to the network traffic around the clock without disturbing the data flow. It works as a so-called "passive" device, thus maximising the availability of your system.

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The "TAP IE 100" can be used to create precise analysis protocols in order to monitor the process and, if necessary, carry out a precise analysis of a possible fault. It helps you distinguish between network and application problems.

All data can be sent out from both transmission directions of an Ethernet connection. The Ethernet transmission via the line RJ45 sockets is sent out on the two monitor sockets separately according to the direction of transmission as a "copy". The evaluation and logging of the tapped packet data is easily done with a PC or another diagnostic device, e.g. with "Wireshark".

The flat design with the intelligent arrangement of the network connections saves space in the control cabinet.

Essential features of the "TAP IE 100

  • Non-reactive recording of Ethernet communication
  • Safe and passive decoupling of Ethernet telegrams
  • Monitors all OSI layers from layer 2 onwards and mirrors packets of all sizes and types as well as VLAN traffic
  • For 10 or 100Mbit/s networks
  • No influence on Ethernet transmission in case of power failure
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