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Robust IP67 Ethernet and PROFINET Switches Expand the Portfolio at Helmholz

Reliable networking under the the most difficult usage conditions

Constantly growing data volumes, ever more intense pressure for efficiency and the need for the highest standards: As the level of automation in industrial plants increases, so do the demands on the network infrastructure. With the new IP67 switches from Helmholz, fail-safe networks can be implemented under the most difficult conditions in the most diverse application scenarios.

Switches form the basis of data exchange between controllers, PLCs and other network participants. They are therefore among the most important network components of modern plants - also in terms of numbers. Even the smallest optimisations have a noticeable effect on these components.

Durable IP67 switches - managed and unmanaged

The new product line from Helmholz includes M12 switches with IP67 protection for Ethernet and PROFINET. The two new IP67 switch models have a robust and hard-wearing plastic housing so that they can be used in a wide range of environments from -40 °C to +75 °C. The components are water-resistant, dust-proof and can be used in a wide range of environments. The components are water-resistant, dust-proof and offer reliable data communication as well as high fail-safety. Thanks to their decentralised installation option, directly in the field, the wiring effort between the control cabinet and the individual Ethernet components is significantly reduced. Both the Ethernet and the PROFINET switch are ideally suited for installation without a control cabinet. Once plugged in, the IP67 switch is immediately ready for operation thanks to the simple plug & play solution and ensures fast, time-saving installation.

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PROFINET switch, managed, IP67

Whether it's a web request, FTP file transfer, media stream or a PROFINET telegram - with high transmission loads, important telegrams are prioritised directly and prevent telegram losses. This means clear and unambiguous segmentation.

Ethernet switch, unmanaged, IP67

The unmanaged Ethernet switch is suitable for PROFINET networks. The LLDP and PTCP delay traffic blocking functions are handled correctly with the switch according to the PROFINET standard. The unmanaged Ethernet switch thus complies with PROFINET Conformance Class A.


With current solutions from Helmholz, the high demands on industrial networks in times of increasing automation can be fulfilled both safely and efficiently. With the addition of the M12 switches in IP67 protection class for Ethernet and PROFINET, Helmholz increases the attractiveness of its existing portfolio and provides you with the perfect automation solution directly from a single source.

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