Product Innovation

The new FLEXtra Unmanaged Ethernet Switch - Gigabit on Three Levels

Fast data transmission meets perfect cable management. The new FLEXtra Ethernet switch for up to 1000 Mbit (Gigabit) complements the new product line of Helmholz FLEXtra switches.

Its special stepped design and the associated vertical cable routing enable flexible, simple and space-saving installation. Industrial users can thus use control cabinet space even more efficiently, avoid additional work and thus reduce costs. With 16 RJ45 ports, the new FLEXtra Ethernet switch from Helmholz offers the perfect solution for a modern machine network infrastructure. With its compact design, it can be used for a wide range of industrial applications and impresses with its fast data transmission and lightweight yet very robust industrial design.

The FLEXtra Ethernet switch can be easily integrated into the existing network. Once plugged in, it is immediately ready for operation thanks to the simple plug & play solution. The Ethernet connection cables are routed directly from the switch into the cable duct. This ideal cable routing means that the new FLEXtra switches from Helmholz can also be easily used in small control cabinets and sub-distributors.

The tool-free push-in connection for the power supply supports this. The user-friendly design is completed by a clear LED display on the front of the switch for clear status information. The unmanaged Ethernet switch is suitable for PROFINET networks. The LLPD (neighbour discovery) and PTCP (time synchronisation) functions are handled correctly with the switch according to the PROFINET standard. The unmanaged Ethernet switch thus complies with PROFINET Conformance Class A.

With this variant of the unmanaged Ethernet switch, you can connect up to 16 Ethernet nodes with up to 1000 Mbps. Mixed operation with devices that only support 10 or 100 Mbps is possible without configuration effort. If you want to connect fewer nodes, we recommend our available 5/8-port unmanaged Ethernet switches in the compact design.

More efficiency for monitoring the production process

Constantly growing data volumes due to intelligent components such as the use of IP cameras are an essential part of digitalisation. The new FLEXtra Ethernet switch perfectly handles the high data rate required for this.

Extended range of variants

In addition to the FLEXtra Ethernet switch, a variant is also available for PROFINET and Gigabit Ethernet in one device. In addition to PROFINET, this version supports further management functions such as MRP (ring redundancy), VLAN (virtual LANs), SNMP, port mirroring, QoS/ CoS mapping, SNTP and extensive statistics.

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