Success Story

REX and myREX24 - Industrial Routers from Helmholz make Mobile Cranes even better

Worldwide remote maintenance service is included with the mobile accessible industrial routers. They enable secure remote access to crane
crane systems via a virtual server.

More than 900 mobile tower cranes from the Dutch manufacturer Spierings are now in use worldwide - too many to maintain each one exclusively on site. That is why the company relies on mobile industrial routers from Helmholz. They enable secure remote access to the crane systems via a virtual server.

With a seemingly simple idea, Spierings Mobile Cranes B.V. has been conquering the international market from Oss in the Netherlands for over 30 years: The manufacturer's mobile tower cranes travel to the site of operation on their own wheels. This eliminates the need for time-consuming transport by special vehicle. The continuing success proves that the owner-managed company, which currently employs 300 people, has hit the nerve of its target group: Spierings has been the market leader in this sector from the very beginning. Since its foundation in 1987, more than 900 mobile cranes have been delivered and are in operation in Europe, Asia and Africa. The last few years in particular have been marked by enormous growth: while annual production totaled 50 cranes in 2016, this figure rose to 73 in the following year and will be well over 100 in 2018.

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