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Ethernet and PROFINET Switches for Industrial Networks

Data is exchanged between controllers, PLCs and other network nodes via switches for Ethernet and PROFINET. Even the smallest optimizations provide great advantages for these network participants.

Making what is known better, solving tasks more elegantly and designing components as small and simple as possible with good usability. This is possible with the Ethernet and PROFINET switches from Helmholz! All data traffic in industrial plants takes place via Ethernet switches. This makes it all the more important to meet the increasing demands on industrial machine networks. Therefore now - noticeably improve the network infrastructure.

Whether for Ethernet or PROFINET switches, what counts in practice when it comes to the optimal implementation of industrial networks is the perfect solution for the respective requirement. And this can, for example, also consist of making the familiar better, solving tasks more elegantly, and designing components smaller and simpler than before.

Ethernet and PROFINET switches

Switches are used to exchange data between controllers, PLCs and other network participants. They are therefore among the most important network components - even in terms of numbers. Even the smallest optimizations therefore have a noticeable effect on these components. This also applies to the design, because space in the control cabinet is naturally limited.

The unmanaged Ethernet switches from Helmholz set standards here with a width of only 49 mm in the 5-port version or 65 mm for 8 ports. Thanks to their very compact design, they can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. The lightweight, yet robust industrial design is suitable for DIN rail mounting and is very easy to integrate into the network. Once plugged in, they are immediately ready for operation thanks to the simple plug&play solution. The tool-free push-in connection for the power supply supports the installation.

However, the use of conventional Ethernet switches in conjunction with PROFINET networks should be viewed with caution due to the lack of telegram prioritization and the associated data load in many machine networks. PROFINET switches are the better alternative here.

One of the most important functions of a PROFINET switch is the prioritization of PROFINET telegram traffic in the machine network. The managed switch can distinguish whether the telegram is a web request, an FTP file transfer, a media stream, or a PROFINET telegram. In the event of a high transmission load, the important telegrams can thus be prioritized to prevent telegram losses from occurring. This also means clear and unambiguous segmentation between Ethernet and PROFINET.


With current solutions from Helmholz, the high demands placed on industrial networks in times of increasing automation can be met both reliably and efficiently.

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