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Security note / firmware update for REX 100

We hereby inform you that a new firmware (V2.2.13) is available for the REX100 product series.

A critical security vulnerability has been closed in this firmware version. We recommend that you update your REX products in the field as soon as possible. The security gap can only be exploited if an attacker has access to the REX 100 website and knows the access data for the "admin" user.

The advisory on the identified vulnerability (CVE-2024-5672) is available on CERT@VDE

All routers that are logged on in our portal server can be easily updated remotely: link.

Of course, it is also possible to perform an update directly on the device using a USB stick and the Firmware file that can be downloaded here.

Description of the update via USB stick on page 25: Quickstart Guide.

If you have any questions about the firmware update or the security vulnerability, please feel free to contact Helmholz Support ( or Helmholz PSIRT.

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