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Wireless connectivity: What 5G, WIFI 6 and Bluetooth can do for you

In the web session, the speakers will address the questions of how reliable wireless systems are, whether wireless real-time applications are possible and how wireless solutions can be integrated.

Taking stock: This is how radio solutions can be integrated into machines, plants and production systems. Are wireless systems reliable enough for industry? Are wireless real-time applications possible? What hardware is needed and what are the costs?

Prevent Bottlenecks - Advanced Network Architectures within Machine/Plant Networks

In order to fully exploit the potential of WiFi6 / 5G in the future, the downstream infrastructure must be prepared accordingly.
The desire for larger data volumes, time-critical communication and new IIoT services, goes hand in hand with increased network load and new sources of error. These must be recognised and avoided in advance. With the right hybrid switches, MQTT couplers and routers, new approaches such as VR glasses for maintenance work and similar services can be realised sustainably.