Advantages of the FLEXtra PROFINET switch

  • PROFINET ports freely configurable
  • Fail-safe due to redundant power supply
  • Optimal cable management due to stepped design
  • Easy diagnostics due to highly visible LED arrangement on the top side
  • Fast integration by means of GSDML file
  • Wide range of applications due to available 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s ports

Automation and IT world linked in one device

16-port, managed, 10/100/1000MBit

The FLEXtra PROFINET switch from Helmholz promises a revolution in the PROFINET world. The practically designed switch has Ethernet ports on the bottom, which saves a lot of space in the control cabinet.

Since the switch is specifically designed for use in a PROFINET installation, there is prioritization of PROFINET IO traffic in the network. Of course, the FLEXtra PROFINET switch also supports the other protocols commonly used in PROFINET, such as LLDP, DCP and MRP.

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