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Mounting rail for the 1500 series

Mounting rail for the 1500 series

For all modules in the 1500 series, we offer the mechanical module rack in various prefabricated lengths.

Visit of the czech delegation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

Energy efficiency in the industry, Focus on Smart Factory and Industry 4.0

Czech Delegation of the export initiative energy visits Helmholz

DeviceNet Koppler for the TB20 I/O system

TB20-C, Bus Coupler DeviceNet™

The DeviceNet™ bus coupler is designed to connect a DeviceNet™ bus to TB20 peripheral modules...

SPS IPC Drives 2016 - Thank you

Thank you for your visit at the sps ipc drives 2016

Only a few days have passed since the sps ipc drives 2016 has closed its doors and we’re pleased to be able to look back at a very successful fair. 

SPS IPC Drives 2016

Visit us at the SPS IPC Drives

We certainly do have some good reasons for you to visit our booth: Experience the most recent trends in industrial communication.

Managing Directors of Helmholz GmbH & CO. KG

Transfer of business operation

Brand name, products and contacts; everything remains the same. And nonetheless, Helmholz is busy reorganizing itself behind the curtains.

WALL IE, Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall

WALL IE, Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall

WALL IE, the Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall, simply integrates your machinery network into the higher-level production network.

PN/CAN-Gateway, CAN Layer 2, CANopen


With the new PN/CAN gateway, the connection of CANopen® devices to PROFINET is easy and straightforward. The range of products currently includes versions for the CANopen® Master and Layer 2 protocols.

PROFINET-Switch, 4-Port, managed

PROFINET Switch, 4-port, managed

Connect up to four network participants to save time and costs with the managed PROFINET switch.

Communications Module - Serial Interface 1SI

Communication module - 1SI RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serial interface

The serial communications module from the TB20 product line can be used for serial data communications (as defined in the RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 standard)...

Functions module - Energy Meter

Function module - Energy meter

The energy meter function module can be used to measure all important current and voltage measurement values on 230 VAC networks.

SSI encoder interface

Function module - 1 x SSI encoder interface

Synchronous Serial Interface is a standard that makes it possible to obtain absolute position data for a linear or angular position sensor...

REX 100 Family

REX 100, Ethernet Router

Ethernet participants, such as PLC control systems,  can be reached with the REX 100 industrial routers, irrespective of the manufacturer...

TB20 EthernetIP Buskoppler

TB20-C, Bus Coupler EtherNet/IP

The EtherNet/IP bus coupler makes it possible to access data from peripheral modules using the EtherNet/IP protocol. 

TB20 Modbus Coupler

TB20-C, Bus Coupler ModbusTCP

The Modbus/TCP bus coupler makes it possible to access data from peripheral modules using the Modbus/TCP protocol. 

PROFINET connectors, RJ45, EasyConnect

PROFINET connector, RJ45, EasyConnect®, 10/100 Mbps

The field-assembled RJ45 connectors for PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Modbus are easy and quick to install. The industrial-grade metal housing provides the necessary ruggedness so that the plug can be used in many industrial applications.

TB20 Hot Plug

TB20, distributed fieldbus I/O system

The distributed fieldbus I/O system is characterized by a multitude of everyday practical details, developed upon direct market feedback ...