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Application example for myREX24

myREX24, VPN portal

The VPN portal myREX24 serves as a mediation server for VPN communication between the provider of remote maintenance and the customer facility:
This means both sides can establish the VPN tunnel as an outgoing connection. 
Firewalls and limitations of services or mobile operators are thus no longer an issue, because these only limit data traffic into the network and not out of the network. The outgoing connections are briefly on hold until the VPN tunnel is established, and then the actual communication takes place there.
In order to use the myREX24 system, all that is required is an Internet connection and an access account, which is set up once. 
The configuration of the REX routers is also created on the portal and can then be easily transferred to the router.
The myREX24 VPN portal is hosted at a high-performance data center. A redundant connection with 365/24/7 monitoring guarantees an average annual network availability of at least 99%.

Your advantages
• Redundant portal hosting (>99 % availability)
• shDIALUP software for easily establishing a connection from a PC
• Configuration of the REX router on the myREX24 VPN portal
• User and permissions management system
• Reports on every single connection that is established
• myREX24 company edition – exclusive server with high reliability and its own IP address

myREX24 company edition
Do you want your own mediation server for your company? 
Is your IT department demanding a closed system? 
Do you need complete system performance for your own remote maintenance applications? 
Do you need special functions?
Then use the “company edition” of myREX24. We host the system exclusively for you in a professional data center.

Your advantages
• High reliability through exclusive redundancy
• Individual customized design
• Exclusively for your business
• A variety of performance variants

* Active connections
The number of active connections is the number of connections between a user and an REX device.
In other words, all users and REX devices can be connected online to myREX24, but an active connection only counts the moment a user connects to an REX device.
** This license will be automatically renewed for one year unless renewal is cancelled at least four weeks before the license expires.