TB20 ToolBox

Smart design and configuration

TB20 ToolBox makes it easy to methodically design TB20 systems. From selecting and positioning components and configuring their parameters to printing label strips and documentation for projects, every single step is combined into one single intuitive software package. Integrated terminal mapping, system width calculations, and current-carrying capacity monitoring all make it possible to quickly design systems without making any mistakes.


Real-time diagnostics

TB20 ToolBox is a practical setup and servicing tool used to import configurations, display a system’s current status, and analyze configuration and setup errors. An I/O map, the current parameter configuration, and diagnostic messages can all be displayed in real-time.


Simulation operation (I/O check)

The option of setting up TB20 I/O systems without a higher-level controller by directly reading and writing to inputs and outputs and configuring parameters for functionality testing purposes makes it easier to check the system’s wiring and entire design. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your TB20 I/O system is ideally configured and ready for use before your machine is delivered.


Import/Export ensures seamless cooperation

With the TB20-ToolBox, the labeling, a symbol description, and the PLC address is defined, exported, and imported for each channel. In combination with the TB20 CANopen coupler, the relevant SDOs can be seamlessly exported as an EDS file into the engineering tool of the CANopen master. Even the concrete configuration of a TB20 CANopen slave can be issued as a DCF file including node ID and Baud rate. With PDO mapping in combination with the TB20 CANopen coupler you also have the possibility to flexibly adapt the configuration for any application.

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