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WiFi extension cables WiFi extension cables
The antenna cables are pre-assembled with RP-SMA and N-connector connectors. Warning: Compatible only with WiFi antennas 700-889-ANT02 to -ANT04.
€29.56 *
Design Cable
3 m - Ø 5 mm - 1,7 dB
5 m - Ø 5 mm - 2,8 dB
6 m - Ø 10,3 mm - 1,4 dB
10 m - Ø 10,3 mm - 2,3 dB
Power adapter Power adapter
Power Adapter, 24 V, Valid for every NETLink Version, Valid for REX 100/200/250 devices
€74.74 *
Extension cables for cellular antennas Extension cables for cellular antennas
The antenna cables are pre-assembled with SMA plugs/sockets. Compatible with GSM/UMTS/LTE antennas.
€83.24 *
Design Cable
5 m
10 m
15 m
Mounting adapter Mounting adapter
Depending on the design of the mounting adapter, a wide variety of components can be mounted on the DIN rail.
From €15.83 *
Cellular Antennas Cellular Antennas
REX industrial routers with an integrated cellular modem require an LTE antenna. For radio reception, a suitable antenna must be screwed to at least the SMA socket of the router "MAIN" (ANT 2).
From €31.96 *
WiFi Antennas WiFi Antennas
In order to optimize the reception performance of the WiFi devices, we offer a selection of different antennas. Matching connection cables can be obtained depending on the antenna design.
From €37.99 *