PN / EtherCAT

Machines and systems can be linked with fieldbus couplers. This makes data exchange between different control worlds possible. A complex CPU-to-CPU communication can be omitted. Depending on the fieldbus, the integration takes place via device description files such as GSD, GSDML or EDS.

Fieldbus Protocol

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  • 700-161-3EC02
Machines and systems can be linked with fieldbus couplers. This makes data exchange between... more
PROFINET Coupler PN / EtherCAT

With the PN/EtherCAT Coupler a simple and uncomplicated connection of a PROFINET machine to an EtherCAT machine is possible. The PN/EtherCAT Coupler allows the data transfer between a PROFINET controller and an EtherCAT master.

Received output data on one of the network sides are made available to the PLC on the other network side as input data. The cyclic I/O data exchange comprises a maximum of 600 bytes per direction and takes place as fast as possible without any handling blocks.

The configuration of the coupler and the compilation of the I/O data is carried out for both network sides in the engineering tool of the respective PLC (e.g. TIA Portal from Siemens, CODESYS from the CODESYS Group or TwinCAT from Beckhoff). Additional configuration software is not required.
To integrate the coupler into the respective engineering tool, a GSDML file is provided for the PROFINET side and an ESI file for the EtherCAT side. For the configuration of the I/O data to be transferred, the coupler provides 100 slots and a large number of I/O modules with different data types and sizes. Usually it is sufficient to perform and commission this I/O configuration manually for the PROFINET side only, since the common engineering tools of the EtherCAT side allow reading in and accepting the current I/O configuration of the coupler.

  • Very compact design for DIN rail mounting
  • Redundant power supply
  • Galvanic isolation of the networks
  • Up to 600 byte input & 600 byte output data
  • 100 slots for IO data
  • Configuration with GSDML and ESI file, no additional software required
  • Automatic process data configuration
  • Support of 'CANopen over EtherCAT' (CoE)
  • Object dictionary according to 'Modular Device Profile' (MDP)
  • Support of 'SDO Info' and 'Complete Access
  • Web page for diagnostics