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Machines and systems can be linked with fieldbus couplers. This makes data exchange between different control worlds possible. A complex CPU-to-CPU communication can be omitted. Depending on the fieldbus, the integration takes place via...
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PROFIBUS Compact Repeater PROFIBUS Compact Repeater
The patented PROFIBUS compact repeater is a full PROFIBUS repeater that is versatile due to its very small size. It enables transfer rates of 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps.
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PROFIBUS Connector PROFIBUS Connector
PROFIBUS connector - proven and worldwide in use.
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DP / DP Coupler DP / DP Coupler
The DP/DP coupler connects two PROFIBUS DP networks with one another and enables data transmission between the masters of the two DP networks.
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Active dropcable PROFIBUS for PG Active dropcable PROFIBUS for PG
The active dropcable PROFIBUS is used for easy connection of a PG to an existing PROFIBUS network. Due to the integrated electronics, it is not a stub.
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NETLink® NETLink®
The devices of the NETLink family serve the purpose of programming, configuring, and visualizing S7 PLCs.
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PROFIBUS Connector with Diagnostics LED PROFIBUS Connector with Diagnostics LED
PROFIBUS connector - proven and worldwide in use.
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DP / CAN Coupler DP / CAN Coupler
The DP/CAN coupler integrates CANopen® devices into a PROFIBUS DP network.
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PROFIBUS repeater for mounting on the DIN rail
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FLEXtra® PROFIBUS profiPoint FLEXtra® PROFIBUS profiPoint
The FLEXtra® profiPoint is used primarily to supply the terminating resistor and is designed for mounting on a DIN rail.
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Mounting adapter Mounting adapter
Depending on the design of the mounting adapter, a wide variety of components can be mounted on the DIN rail.
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