The MQTT broker enables MQTT messages to be saved and forwarded. With its extremely small design for rail mounting, it fits into even the smallest control cabinet.

As a fully-fledged MQTT broker, it enables the networking of a large number of MQTT participants within a machine, in a factory network or for data exchange in the cloud.

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  • 700-462-MQB01
The MQTT broker enables MQTT messages to be saved and forwarded. With its extremely small design... more

The MQTT broker has 4 Ethernet interfaces with up to 100 MBit. Configuration takes place entirely via the web interface. Depending on the application, the MQTT Broker can be configured in two operating modes: "Switch" and "Firewall". If the MQTT Broker is to store and distribute the MQTT messages within a closed machine network, all 4 Ethernet connections in the same IP subnet can be used. In "Switch" operating mode, the MQTT broker can be accessed via an IP address.

The operating mode "Firewall" enables MQTT communication between two different networks, e.g. the machine-network and the higher-level or company network. This also enables a secure connection to the cloud.

In this operating mode, the left and right Ethernet sockets are in different IP subnets, each with its own IP address. The special feature here is that only the MQTT content is exchanged between the two networks via the MQTT broker. Each network side has its own MQTT broker in which only the message content is exchanged. No direct network communication is exchanged between the two network sides. The MQTT broker therefore represents a completely blocked firewall. In the context of machine security, the MQTT broker is a secure transition ("conduit") between two zones exclusively for MQTT messages.

  • Very compact design for the DIN rail
  • Switch or firewall operating mode (zone transition)
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Full MQTT V3.1.1 & V5 feature set
  • User management
  • ACL management
  • TLS Encryption
  • Export/import of the configuration in editable file format