Ethernet Cable Guard

The Ethernet Cable Guard enables the service life monitoring of standard Ethernet data cables (100Base-TX) with a focus on dynamic applications in automation technology, such as a trailing cable to moving machine parts (robots).

With the Ethernet Cable Guard, system availability can be increased and downtimes can be planned. This enables a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

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  • 700-200-LAN01
The Ethernet Cable Guard enables the service life monitoring of standard Ethernet data cables... more
Ethernet Cable Guard

The Cable Guard is looped into the cable harness to be monitored and can provide information about the quality of the cable connection via a status LED, a separate network connection or a digital output. The feedback can be displayed as a PWM signal at the output. The alarm threshold value can be set individually.

For integration into IIoT structures, the monitored cable status can also be sent via MQTT by the Cable Guard.

The particularly compact design is suitable for use in decentralized control cabinets and can be mounted on standard top-hat rails.

The Cable Guard is also suitable for EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and 2-pair PROFINET applications.

  • Monitoring the service life of a data cable at risk of failure (e.g. function-critical data cable in dynamic or mechanically stressed applications)
  • Increased system availability through predictable downtimes
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Simple commissioning with automated parameterization ("teach-in" in a few seconds)
  • Requires no new data line or changes to the cable design; retrofitting into the existing network structure is possible at any time
  • Reliable IIoT communication thanks to MQTT interface
  • Suitable for data lines in accordance with transmission standard 100BASE-TX (with 100 Mbit/s) according to IEEE 802.3