DP/CAN Coupler

CANopen Layer 2

The DP/CAN coupler integrates CANopenĀ® devices into a PROFIBUS DP network.

On the PROFIBUS-DP, the DP/CAN coupler is a normal participant.
The I/O data of the CANopenĀ® participants is shown in the PROFIBUS in a transparent and freely configurable manner.
The DP/CAN coupler is integrated in the hardware configurator with a GSD file and can be completely configured there. Additional tools are not necessary.

On PROFIBUS, all standard transfer rates up to 12 Mbps are supported; on the CAN bus up to 1 Mbps.
The PROFIBUS address is set using a DIP switch.
Parameterization of the CANopen participants using SDO frames and administration of emergency messages is also possible.
Alternatively, the DP/CAN coupler can also be used as a CAN Layer 2 device on the CAN bus. This makes it possible to also integrate customer-specific CAN protocols via PROFIBUS.