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A PLUS for Transparent Production and Intelligent Processes in the Factory

Helmholz presents the new “WALL IE PLUS” variant of the popular industrial NAT gateway.

More transparency in production for greater added value in the production process?
The desire to integrate production machines into the factory network is not new, but it often fails due to compatible connectivity to existing systems or security concepts.

The easy-to-configure “WALL IE PLUS” gateway from Helmholz is installed once and permanently between the machine and the production network.

NAT mode allows machines to be integrated into the factory network without having to change the machine's IP addresses. NAT mode of operation is used to route data traffic between different IPv4 networks. It enables address translation and uses firewall rules or packet filters to restrict access to the underlying automation network.

The “WALL IE PLUS” provides 8 ports with a transfer rate of up to 1000 MBit/s for networking. All 8 ports can be assigned to the WAN or LAN network as desired. The processor of the “PLUS” version runs faster and therefore achieves higher data throughput. In addition, more ports with a higher transfer rate of up to 1000 MBit/s are now integrated. Machines and systems in particular that have video cameras or IPCs can now be connected to the factory network more efficiently. For example, backups and the transfer of larger data run more smoothly.

The web interface received a facelift and is slimmer and more user-friendly. Complex and oversized JavaScript and CSS frameworks were dispensed with, which also provides a clear “PLUS” in terms of security. Helmholz not only follows the approach of a minimal software footprint when it comes to the web interface.

Key performance features of the “WALL IE PLUS”:

  • Access restriction through packet filters: IPv4 addresses, protocol (TCP/UDP/ICMP), ports, MAC addresses
  • Reduction of network load through broadband and multicast filtering
  • DHCP server (LAN)/DHCP client (WAN)
  • Configurable network ports (free assignment to the LAN or WAN network)

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