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We go Full Throttle for Best Water Quality

One of the largest water filtration plants in Greece relies on the TB20 I/O system. Several Modbus/TCP stations are installed, used to control motor valves and communicate directly with locally redundant visualization servers.

Effective water treatment is essential for the safe operation of industrial plants. Regardless of whether sea, river, surface, well or drinking water is used. The high requirements are only met by appropriate treatment technology.

By efficiently removing particles and undesirable substances, the quality of the process water is achieved in a complex process. These special filter system installations ensure trouble-free and safe operation of machines and plants. Using state-of-the-art infrastructure and qualified experts, Machinor S.A. offers integrated solutions, customized applications, high-quality products and services.

TB20 I/O system field-proven

For the project in one of the largest water filtration plants in Greece, Machinor S.A. therefore repeatedly opted for the TB20 I/O system from Helmholz. Here, several Modbus/TCP stations were installed, which are used to control motor valves. These stations communicate directly with a local redundant visualization server.

The TB20 I/O module from Helmholz consists of a separate front connector, electronics and base module. All modules are plugged onto the DIN top-hat rail quickly and securely using a latching mechanism and can be removed quickly and easily for maintenance and/or expansion. In concrete terms, this means fast and uncomplicated installation and maintenance. All TB20 modules are supplied complete.

The ergonomic design of the decentralized TB20 system facilitates handling. Despite the space-saving, compact dimensions, all system components are industrially robust, mechanically stable and contact-proof in IP20. An optimal system width can be achieved by using modules with up to 16 digital or 8 analog channels and digital mix in/out modules.


High-quality technology and effective water treatment are essential for the safe operation of industrial plants. Machinor S.A. relies on the TB20 I/O system from Helmholz for this and benefits from all the advantages of this decentralized topology.

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