Success Story

FCT-Anlagenbau GmbH relies on WALL IE - Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall

With the triumph of Ethernet networking, cybersecurity also plays a very central role. At its core, this is about securely integrating machine networks into the higher-level production network.

With the WALL IE firewall, Helmholz has been offering a practical solution that combines bridge and firewall functions for around two years. Now new functions are available.

Even in digitized production, control systems and automation networks are vulnerable to attack if adequate security measures are not in place. In Ethernet-networked production environments, cybersecurity therefore primarily means securely integrating machine networks into higher-level production networks or separating them from them. The machine network, i.e. the network of an automation cell with one or more machines, is to be regarded as a LAN (Local Area Network), the production or company network as a WAN (Wide Area Network). Until now, the only secure way to implement the interface between the two was via complex firewall solutions. However, these are naturally oversized for this special purpose. And that also means: correspondingly expensive and complicated to handle. However, security-endangering low-cost compromises are even less of an option.

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