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Ethernet Cable Guard for Predictive Maintenance in Automation Technology

Helmholz presents the Ethernet Cable Guard, an innovative monitoring device for Ethernet data cables in the 100Base-TX class. An upgrade for your control cabinet for monitoring your system environment.

Focus on predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance has long been at the heart of modern industry, and this is exactly where the Ethernet Cable Guard comes in. By precisely monitoring Ethernet data cables, this device makes it possible to predict the optimum replacement time in advance. This not only means predictable downtimes, but also a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

How the Cable Guard Works
The Ethernet Cable Guard is looped into the cable harness to be monitored and provides a real-time display of the cable status as a percentage. The measurement is based on an algorithm developed by LAPP that continuously evaluates data from various physical transmission parameters. The implementation in a compact measuring device was carried out by Helmholz. The alarm threshold value can be set individually, and the Ethernet Cable Guard can even send the monitored cable status to IIoT structures via MQTT.

Direct Customer Benefits: Higher Machine Availability and Plannable  Maintenance Work
Customers benefit from using the Ethernet Cable Guard in many ways. Precise monitoring enables better planning of maintenance work, reduces unforeseen downtime and increases machine availability. In highly dynamic applications with high speeds and strong torsion, such as those found in automation technology, logistics, the automotive industry and medical technology, the Ethernet Cable Guard is an indispensable solution.

Applications and Compatibility
The Ethernet Cable Guard is suitable for EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and many other Ethernet-based applications. With its compact design, it is ideal for use in decentralized control cabinets and can be easily mounted on standard DIN rails. The device supports Ethernet cables up to 100m and does not affect the data transmission content.

Cost Efficiency Through Predictive Maintenance
The introduction of the Ethernet Cable Guard not only enables more efficient personnel and resource planning for planned maintenance work, but also contributes to cost savings. The precise prediction of the optimal replacement time optimizes maintenance cycles, avoids unforeseen downtime costs and increases machine availability.

With the Ethernet Cable Guard, Helmholz is setting a new benchmark for the monitoring of Ethernet data cables and once again demonstrating its innovative strength in the field of predictive maintenance in automation technology.

Simple Commissioning and Clear Management
Automated parameterization ("teach-in" in just a few seconds) makes commissioning the Cable Guard extremely easy. The device can be managed and its status can also be monitored manually via a web interface on any device (e.g. smartphone).

Further information on the Ethernet Cable Guard can be found on the product page.

Schematic overview of the use of the Ethernet Cable Guard


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