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Innovative MQTT Broker Revolutionizes Machine-to-Machine Communication

Innovative MQTT broker is here! MQTT, or "Message Queuing Telemetry Transport", enables efficient, event-driven communication between machines.

Our MQTT broker, equipped with 4 Ethernet interfaces and up to 100 MBit, offers two operating modes: "Switch" for closed networks and "Firewall" for secure connection between different networks or even to the cloud. The broker serves protocol versions V3.1.1 and V5. The device optimizes data transmission and enables seamless integration into existing networks. Configuration is effortless via the web interface.

The special feature is the absolute security of the broker - a completely blocked firewall only allows the exchange of MQTT content between the networks. This innovative solution serves as a secure transition ("conduit") for MQTT messages in machine safety considerations.

Further features

  • Support of the full MQTT V3.1.1 & V5 feature set,
  • User management,
  • ACL management,
  • TLS encryption and
  • the convenient export/import function of the configuration in editable file format.

Take the opportunity now to revolutionize your machine communication - upgrade your network with our MQTT Broker!

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