Success Story

Quick Changeover of Machines for the Production of Protective Masks

All around the world, nothing is more valuable than a protective mask right now. In the spirit of #stayhealthy, Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG is happy its I/O system is being used in the production of disposable protective masks by a customer in China.

However, since the Covid 19 outbreak, there has been a major gap in global supply. As a result, many companies are retooling areas of production to manufacture respirators. The assembly lines equipped with TB20 I/O systems from Helmholz, a major Chinese manufacturer, have been running flawlessly for production for disposable protective masks since the beginning. Helmholz and the production company prove that flexibility in automation solutions achieves fast and reliable results, even in special times.

TB20 - Decentralized I/O system With the TB20 I/O system you generate efficient and functional added value for a wide range of applications - fieldbus-independent and field-tested! Thanks to the great variety in the Helmholz TB20 I/O system and the available connections for PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen®, Ethernet IP and ModbusTCP as well as EtherCAT, you can create sustainable and future-oriented control concepts in your plants. For series production of machines, your module configuration can remain the same and you only change the bus coupler for the respective control-specific requirement. The scope of delivery of the system includes the basic module, the bus terminating element and the 24V power supply connector.

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